Help installing dependences for Chrome Download Assistant

I have found a Linux software add-on for Chrome called “pyaxelws” but to use this I need to install the following items - download the pyaxelws Python scripts. You’ll also need Python (2.x series)

I have downloaded and extracted them to the following locations - /home/userone/Downloads/1022 and /home/userone/Downloads/Python-2.7.2

How do I install these software so that I can use the Chrome add on.

I am using Ubuntu 11.04 Thanks.

You dont “install” the scripts… you “run” one of them at every boot :wink:

Ok so you already downloaded the scripts from here:
and extracted them to /home/userone/Downloads/1022

And you’ve been to this page in Chrome:
and installed/added the extension to Chrome.

Python is most likely already installed on your system, but just in case:

sudo apt-get install python

This will install Python 2.7.1 from the Official Ubuntu Software Repositories (where you should ALWAYS look first… remember your friend Synaptic ?)… so you can get rid of the version you’ve downloaded.

Now, to run the scripts, you can either run them manually every time you start your PC, with:


The problem with this is, not only is it a pain, but unless you use screen you would have to leave the terminal open… so instead let’s add it to the “Startup Applications” list, so it automagically gets started every time you boot.

Open Startup Applications (search for it in the Unity application lens)

Click Add

Make the resulting dialog boxes read

Name : PyAxelWS
Command: /home/userone/Downloads/1022/
Comment: Download Accelerator for Chrome

Click the Add button.

Check there is a tick next to PyAxelWS in the “Additional startup programs” list.

Click Close


You’re done. :wink:

You could always change the name of the 1022 folder to .1022 (the “.” makes it hidden) then adjust the Command: accordingly.

To -

Command: /home/userone/Downloads/.1022/

Also be aware of this from the description on the extensions website:

Tested on:
• [b]Chromium 9.0.591.0 (Developer Build 66866)[/b]
• Linux 2.6.32-21-generic on i686

Tech details:

The pyaxelws Python script implements version 76 of the IETF WebSocket Protocol draft Since the WebSocket protocol is not finalized and is in the process of being improved and standardized by IETF HyBi Working Group, [b]pyaxelws may not be compatible with newer versions of Chromium[/b].</blockquote>

Though that was probably written some time ago, it may still stand… it certainly hasn’t been removed from the description yet :o

It seems to be working fine downloads like a dream very quickly.

Problem is I can not find where it has down loaded the song etc. It is not in the download folder which is the default for Chrome Not Goggle Chrome.

How can I find where it is putting the down loads.

sudo find /home/userone -name part-of-song-name*

So if I was searching my home folder for a file called foobar.mp3

sudo find /home/mark -name foo*

OK found it thanks…

i have installed PyAxelWS extension.python scripts and python 2.6 but still i unable to download files with pyaxelws…please help
ImageShack - pyaxel01.png checkout this image ,this is screenshot of pyaxelws preference setting.

can you post the output from:



sudo iptables -t filter --list

What happens if you try running in a terminal ? … any errors ?

Which version of Chrome/Chromium are you running ?

Are you running the script BEFORE you start Chrome/Chromium ?