[Help] Need to concat files on ubuntu linux

Ok, So here is what the deal is. I made a video with my iphone of a friend defending his dissertation. I used split and concat (Apple based program) to split the files. I gave them to him and he cannot use the program to join the files back together. So I found another linux based program to do the job and he is telling me it will not concat the files for some reason. I also loaded the files to Mega and and sent him a link to the folder so he can download them anywhere he wants to to make it work, if he will do that. However, he is going to India on the 11th and I am trying to find a program that will do what I need it to do.

Any and all help would greatly be appreciated.
I also apologize if this is not the correct place to put this

If I’m understanding you … you need to join 2 (or more) files ?

if so, try using “cat” from the command line

cat part1.mov part2.mov part3.mov > joined.mov

This may or may not work depending on the file format.

it may help if you said what the format is ?


IIRC, I tried this with some AVI’s and though they appeareed to join … it would still only display the first part … sommat to do with how the AVI container works … in this case I had to install and use avidemux

cat worked perfectly for joining .mpg’s though , and by the Apple app names, I’m guessing “concat” is just a GUI front end for the “cat” command anyway.

When I split them and gave them to him There were like 54 files. That is what he has. However what I loaded to mega was 6 files of 1000mb each. One was about 300mb.

Will take him forever to download the 6 files. the files are named “IMG_0296.MOV.001”

Would that still work?

Hopefully … I’ve never tried using cat to join .MOV files … but by the “concat” name, I’m guessing it’s just a GUI front end for the “cat” command anyway … see the edit above.

cat IMG_0296.MOV.001 IMG_0296.MOV.002 IMG_0296.MOV.003 IMG_0296.MOV.004 IMG_0296.MOV.005 IMG_0296.MOV.006 > IMG_0296.MOV

I did read that too. And I thank you for the help. I have sent him the link to this thread and all I can do now is hope he is able to do the work to join them. Yes, concat is just a word for joining the pieces together after they have been split. I would think that ‘cat’ is the same thing but in a different language.

I also looked at the program you mentioned and I am going to try it myself as it is available for apple too. Thank you so very much for your help.


The program Avidemux does not seem to have a way of joining the 6 split files back together or am I missing something?

OK, according to this:

“concat” is part of ffmpeg.

So this should work:

ffmpeg -i "concat:IMG_0296.MOV.001|IMG_0296.MOV.002|IMG_0296.MOV.003|IMG_0296.MOV.004|IMG_0296.MOV.005|IMG_0296.MOV.006" -c copy IMG_0296.MOV

Watch this (he’s using Linux Mint, but it will be the same for Ubuntu) …

Join Files (Avi/Mpg/etc) - Avidemux


Thank you again so very much. I have emailed him that code and the link to this thread so it is now up to him, I guess. I also told hime to just download the 6 files as that will be easier than writing all of that out 53 times for the files he has.

Thank you ;D

You’re more than welcome :slight_smile:

Did you see the video in my last post ? … that may be easier, particularly if he’s not comfortable with the command line.

Yes, I have seen that. I just got off the phone with him telling him how to do pretty much what you told me. I agree that the program would be a lot easier to use and with everything that you have provided me he should be able to make it all work. I cannot thank you enough for your help. If you have a mac and need a hand come see me anytime at codez4mac dot com (I am not trying to spam the board with the site just a way to find me if I can help). I am there a lot and do some moderating for them. Happy to return the favor.