Help needed installing peppermint3 on aspire one ZG5

Hi, trying to install peppermint3 on acer aspire ZG5, using Mark Greaves tutorial. Everything was goin swimmingly until step 8. I completed all the procedure in his step and rebooted, but now I only get a grub prompt. :frowning: Could anyone advise if I can fix this of should I start from scratch with the install?
Many thanks for any replies

Hi Gairloch, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We can certainly try to fix it (possibly by reinstalling the GRUB bootloader) if you wish, but it would probably be quicker just to reinstall.

Then if it happens again when you get to “Stage 8”, we’ll work out what’s going wrong … sound like a plan ?

Thanks Mark, I will trying reinstalling again tomorrow night. Would this situation arise if i mistyped something in stage 8. i when i edited the grub cmd line?


Yes it can … but it’s unlikely to leave the machine unbootable … are you seeing the GRUB menu, or just a line like



Hi Mark, thanks for your reply. It’s just a few lines of text then grub> :frowning:
I will try again tomorrow…


Yup, as I suspected … probably nothing you typed, more likely that for some reason when you ran “sudo update-grub”, something went wrong and t wasn’t able to rebuild the GRUB menu properly.

As I said, try a reinstall … it’s unlikely to happen again, but if it does we’ll track the problem down :slight_smile:

Unless of course you’d prefer to work it out now … but it will likely take longer than a reinstall … up to you :wink:

Hey Mark, sorry for taking a time to respond. I have reinstalled peppermint3, and this time (woohoo!) It’s working just dandy! Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

No problem … glad to hear it’s now working :slight_smile: