Help needed with DraftSight start page (Solved)

Hi All,
I wonder if anyone on the forum has experience with DraftSight ?
I have a problem on the startup page. When I start up the toolbox appears at the left side of the page and refuses to move even when I minimise the page it stays glued to the screen. Worse still if I minimise and go to screen 2 it is still there.
Any idea what is happening ?

take care
Don W
EDIT I have solved the problem.
Right click on the main menu and untick the ‘Home’ checkbox :wink: Seemples

Hi Guys,
I am back again after discovering my fix has not fixed the problem ::slight_smile:
The floating toolbars that pop up on the left of the window won’t go away. (I am trying to type around the box at the moment).
At the moment when I start up the Home toolbox opens in the middle of the page and I click on the X in the top right corner to make it disappear. The Properties toolbox opens on the left of the page but I can’t get it shut at all.
Any ideas ?

Yes, that Home toolbox is a pain. You can close it but will be there again at start up of the application.
If you decide to move it (as I did) it will disconnect the toolbar not just from the docked state but from the application too. So it will become a zombie window, independent from Draftsight. The only way I found to restore it to its docked state is by renaming the /home//.config/DraftSight folder (with Draftsight closed) then log out and then log back in to clear the toolbar off the screen. When Draftsight is started the next time it is all back to normal (docked state).

Renaming /home//.config/DraftSight/11.2.001/Profiles/unnamed profile/profile.xml (in my case) achieves the same

Sorry SeZo I can’t find a .config file
OOOps found it (where it should be)
I have got
The Profiles folder has unnamed profile folder and 2 files called profile_fixed.xml and profile_fixed_copy.xml.
The unnamed profile folder has 2 files called profile_fixed.xml and profile_fixed_copy.xml.
Also in the DraftSight folder is a text file called .license which is empty
I also have a folder called Dassault Systemes that contains a text file called DraftSight.conf.
So it looks as if I have a few files I can rename, which one should I pick ? or have I renamed some start up files already ?

You could just rename the /home/don/.config/DraftSight/11.2.001/Profiles/unnamed profile/profile_fixed.xml and DraftSight will create a new one on startup.

Hi SeZo,
I have tried that but when I restarted the programme it showed a ‘Home’ toolbar and a ‘Properties’ toolbar.
Neither would shut down and I had to reboot to get here. Before I logged in here I went to unnamed profile and deleted the changes I made. I opened DraftSight again and it opens with the ‘Home’ toolbar in the middle of the screen. If I right click on the top toolbar and un-click the ‘Home’ checkbox it removes the floating ‘Home’ toolbar and leaves me with the main screen without any of the floating zombies I had. The programme shuts down ok and restarts with the ‘Home’ toolbar which is removed as I have just described. It all seems a very strange setup to me.

take care

Don W