How can I install ScanSnap iX500 on a Linux PC?

I already own a laptop running Mint so I am familiar with Linux. I am now considering replacing my PC. I use this for business and can’t do without my Fujitso ScanSnap iX500. I understand that there are no drivers for my ScanSnap? Is there any way round this that does not require me to have a degree in computing to impliment? This is the only serious issue stopping me adopting Linux for my next PC. TIA.

What makes you think your scanner isn’t supported ?

According to the SANE database the ScanSnap ix500 is supported
though “some exotic functions may not function” so I’m unsure about wireless.

Chances are your scanner will “just work” without you needing to add anything.

I’m putting this link here for my future reference … it’s not about your model, it’s simply here to help ME in the future if you have any more questions

Thank you. I had a bit of a health issue or I would have replied sooner (nothing serious). I can’t remember where I got the idea that ScanSnap iX500 would not install. I will give it a goes on my laptop and report back. I am really keen to put Windows behind me.