How do find Address Books on Thunderbird (Solved)

I’ve recently updated my Thunderbird and now can’t find my address books. They are there because when composing emails when entering the recipients their address automatically appears. How can I reinstall my Address Books?

First thing to check: is the “Mail Toolbar” visible (Get messages, Write, Chat, Address Book etc)? If not, Try Alt+V then select “Toolbars” and check that “Mail Toolbar” is ticked. If it is ticked, and the Mail Toolbar is visible but without “Address Book”, then we’ll have to think again


Hi Keith. Nice to hear from you again, hope you are well and keeping safe as I am. Now I have to say I’ve been a bit of a silly boy although, your reply has helped me solve the problem. First the Mail Toolbar wasn’t visible but, after reading your reply I managed to find the ‘tick boxes’ for the (Get messages, Write, Chat, Address Book etc) and these were un-ticked. I ticked the boxes required and pleased to report everything is back to normal. Can you remind me how I confirm that my problem has been resolved.
Thanks. Goalie

Hi Goalie - nice to hear from you again.

I’m pleased that the problem was so easily solved.
Software updates often put an application in an unfamiliar mode and it’s sometimes not obvious how one can get back to normal operation. So you not alone!

To mark your topic as solved, look at the first post on your topic (not in edit mode yet) and click on the “Modify” button (top right). This brings up the usual editing page for that post.
In the Subject (title) line add [SOLVED] to the end of the title so it reads “How do find Address Books on Thunderbird [SOLVED]”. Then save your edit and you are done.

Many thanks,

Thanks Keith for your explanation how to add Solved to my initial email, I’ll do it after sending this reply.
Best regards.

Perfect - many thanks.