How do I import favourites from Safari on iPad into Firefox on Linux Mint Dell laptop

Hi, I am not a complete newbie but can@t seem to find a way to import my (many) favourites from Safari on my iPad into Firefox on Linux Mint (latest version). many suggestions online using iCloud or assuming that you have Safari and Firefox on the same machine, which I don@t. Would appreciate any help.

Hi WelshSwede, welcome to the forums!

So, I’m not sure which bit you’re stuck on, but in principle on MacOS there is an “export bookmarks” option available in the Safari menus - which should generate a HTML bookmark file.

Once you have the bookmarks file, copy to your linux box, then in FireFox, you want the menu top right (three bars), Settings, General, then “Import Data” from the Import Browser data section.

Then select “Bookmarks from H|TML file”, select file the file from your Mac …
I’ve not tried it personally, but that “should” work …

To get the file between machines, you could use a USB key or similar, or if you have a network connection, enable remote access on your Mac and then use “scp” to copy it over.

Hi, thanks for your input but I am using Safari on an iPad and I can’t see any option in Safari to save my Safari favourites to a file or anywhere else. Sorry, I did say I am sort of a newbie so I am feeling my way. Thanks again,

Ahhhh … the joys of vendor lock-in … :wink:

Ok, so it “looks” like the export bookmarks feature only works with iCloud. Once you have your bookmarks on iCloud you need a way at it. One option might be;

But if you don’t have iCloud on your iPad, then you might be a bit stuck, that seems to be the only option they provide … there’s an article here re; exporting to iCloud if you’ve not already run across it …

Thank you so much, it’s so helpful of you. I’ll look into that.