How do I install Adobe Flash Player for Firefox

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I got a netbook/notebook for my Daughters xmas and can’t access web pages wi’out having flash player. I have no clue whatsoever with the linux os so you will have to make it simple as possible!!! I can get it downloaded onto the comp but have no clue what to do with it once i’ve got it, also whatversion to download. There seem to be about 4 different ones, .tar.gz i think and others. All help greatfully appreciated Thanks in advance Thomas.

First see if it is available in your package manager… Instructions (for Ubuntu) here:

If not download the relevant version here:

And follow the manual installation instructions here (or below):

If there’s a chance you can install it using your system’s package manager, do so because it is the preferred method and will install it ‘SYSTEM WIDE’ for ALL users and ALL browsers.

If however it is not available in your package manager, and you are unsure of the correct file to download, get the .tar.gz version and follow these instructions to install:

  1. extract the file from the .tar.gz file.
  2. place the file in your ‘home’ directory.
    3 Open a terminal, and enter the following commands
mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins/
mv ~/.mozilla/plugins/
  1. Restart firefox, the flash player plugin for firefox is now installed and should work.

To check it installed properly… Open firefox and visit this URL:


Check if ‘Shockwave Flash’ exists and has listed under it.

Be Aware this will ‘only’ install the ‘firefox’ flash player plugin for the current user, if you have your system set up with multiple users you will have to do this for each users home directory.