how do I remove unwanted programmes in Peppermint 5 (SOLVED)

I have loaded a few programmes into the Sound and Video folder in my search for a programme to download the .mp4 files from my Toshiba Camileo video camera.
Some of these programmes do not do what I want, so what is the best way to remove them ?
I have a large HD but I don’t like having unused/useless programmes on my system.

Don W
EDIT I have used the Package Manager to locate and remove some unwanted files.

If you’ve removed the main applications through the package manager, it would probably be a good idea to now run:

apt autoremove

and let it remove any orphaned dependencies

Thanks Mark,
I used the package manager and removed the programmes I didn’t want.
I have just used apt -autoremove.
Will I need to shut down and restart to confirm that the programmes are removed, as I still see icons in the menu for programmes I have deleted.

Don W


There are a num ber of ways to check if someting is installed or not

Personally I search the dpkg listing … lets say I want to check the status of gedit:
dpkg -l | grep gedit

if the output begins with

ii - it’s installed
rc - it’s been removed, but the config files are still present
nothing returned - it’s not installed

another way would be to see if the box is green in in Synaptic

If you have any applications which are obviously not installed, but are still showing in the menu they’ve probably copied a .desktop launcher to
removing that will remove it from the menu

If unsure what to do, post the output from:

ls -a ~/.local/share/applications

and mention which apps are in the menu yet not installed.

watson ~ $ ls -a ~/.local/share/applications
. ddchess.desktop entanglement.desktop gmail.desktop mahjong.desktop solitr.desktop
… display.im6.desktop expressbypixlr.desktop googlecalendar.desktop onlineuserguide.desktop
audacity.desktop editorbypixlr.desktop firstpersontetris.desktop googledrive.desktop peppermintforum.desktop
don@ldwatson ~ $
audacity I removed this morning but still shows an icon in Sound and Video menu
Don W
EDIT I also deleted ImageMagick and it is still on the Graphics folder and still works

Remove the superfluous launchers … by runnng:

rm -v ~/.local/share/applications/audacity.desktop


rm -v ~/.local/share/applications/display.im6.desktop

they should now be gone from the menu.

Thanks Mark,
I have done that and all is well :wink:
Don W