How do I uninstall Peppermint 6 from my dual boot computer

Hi All,
I have a Toshiba laptop that runs Win 7/Peppermint 6. What is the easiest way to set the computer back to a Win 7 machine and lose the Peppermint ?

When you boot the computer are you presented with the GRUB screen or the Windows bootloader screen to choose your OS ?

do you have a Windows 7 installation disk ?

Hi Mark
I get the screen that gives a menu to load Peppermint or scroll down to select Windows.
Yes thanks, I have the original Win 7 disk.

Does that screen say GRUB at the top ?

Yes. GNU Grub version 2.2

you’re going to want to boot to a LiveCD/LiveUSB, then use GParted to delete the Linux partition(s) including the swap partition.

then still in GPrted, resize the Windows partition to fill the now empty space

then shut down.

then use your Windows 7 disk to reinstall the Windows bootloader to the MBR:

    bootrec /fixmbr
    bootrec /fixboot

then reboot to the hard drive.

Thanks Mark,
Hopefully I may get round to that today.
I have the live USB that I installed Peppermint from and the original disc that I installed Win 7 from so it should be ok.
I can check these instructions on this machine while I attack the problem on the Win 7 machine. :wink:

As long as you don’t delete the Win7 partition(s), it’s just a matter of reinstating the Windows bootloader … see my previous link.

Any problems, or sommat you’re not sure of … ask :wink: