How do i.

INSTALL LINUX? , Im being serious , it does not even give you any advice how to install. Please someone give me advice.

Erm, Ok …

I’m not entirely sure what installation advice you want … so your question taken literally;

Step 1. Insert CD into drive
Step 2. Reboot computer so it boots from CD
Step 3. Select “Install Linux” from the menu and hit return
Step 4. Answer questions when asked …

There are no hard questions unless you specifically ask it to make things hard for you … for example if you want to manually partition your machine or if you want to make Linux co-exist with Windows. If you just want a vanilla install, pretty much all you need do it keep hitting return.

When it’s finished, assuming you have a broadband connection + router, if your PC is plugged into the router, the internet should ‘just work’ for you too …

Can you give us a bit more info…
If you are planning on installing Linux on a single hard drive with no other OS, then Mad Penguin has answered your question perfectly… Boot from the CD, Select Install, and follow the instructions/answer the questions.
It really is easier than a Windows install.

If on the other hand you are planning a more complex setup, such as dual boot, RAID, Multiple drives, etc. then we will need a bit more info.

Also it wouldn’t hurt to know which Linux distribution you are trying to install.

Or if you go to and click on “Getting Started” … ;D

I installed it , but whats this mean…

(Initrams) mount: mounting/dev/loop0 on //filesystem.Squash Failed: input/output error can not mount \dev\ loop0 C:cdrom) Cnsper / file system. squashfs on //filesystem. Squashfs.

Please help

Can you give us more information… when are you getting this message?.. is it booting to the desktop?.. did you install it to the hard drive?

I’m kind of baffled as to why you are using the squash file system (squashfs) as this is normally the LiveCD file system not the file system usually used on a hard drive.

Also which distro are you installing (eg. Ubuntu, Mint, etc.)?, and what are you installing it onto, is it a netbook?

If you installed it on the hard drive and this is what it says, to use highly technical terminology, “it’s screwed”.

Assuming you did as suggested and installed by repeatedly hitting return without trying anything complex like your own disk partitioning, reboot from the live CD, goto applications → accessories → terminal and do;

badblocks -s /dev/sda

This will take a while … it should remain on one line and constantly increment a percentage figure. It “sounds” like this command might list lots of 1 - 8 digit numbers for you … if it does, let us know roughly how many and how big they are.

On the other hand, if you were “playing” during the installation, run it again and just accept all the defaults. If you have the specification of the machine we can check for you and see if there are any obvious hardware problems / incompatibilities - although this is very unlikely to be your problem.

How old is your hard drive, and do you know what make / model it is?

After finding your other posting here:

Would I be right in saying you never got it installed to the hard drive, and it’s the CD thats giving you this message?

If you are getting this message DURING the installation…
I agree (with the response on that page), if you mean you can’t boot from the LiveCD to a desktop by booting from the LiveCD and selecting “Try now”, then it is probably a bad burn… you can test the CD by selecting “Check CD for defects” (or similar) from the GRUB bootloader screen.

You will probably have to re-burn the image (ISO) at a slower speed.

See what I mean, the more info you give us the easier it is to diagnose the problem :slight_smile:

You aren’t trying to install it from within Windows using the WUBI installer are you?.. If so, don’tuse the BIOS to select the CD/DVD drive as the first boot device, or hit the key that takes you to the “Boot Menu” device selection screen

Then follow the installation instructions here: