How have Canonical ruined Ubuntu further?!?!?!?!

So I have been using 12.10 Lubuntu, it seems nice and stable. So I thought out of a moment of madness that I would have a look at Ubuntu 13.04.

What the hell happened?!?!?! My work machine can barely handle it. Its a dual core 2Gb machine that I use mostly to handle the server side of my work. But how has Unity become so Fat? Its also really unstable. I have had non stop errors complaining about a system crash.

Needless to say I ran straight back to Lubuntu and everything seems wonderful over there. So I can only assume that Unity is now making Ubuntu slower than Windoze.

Any one else experienced bad Ubuntu recently?


Not me … Peppermint 4 (beta) is fine and that’s based on 13.04 :slight_smile:

I was advised if you are a novice, which I am, not to try beta upgrades.

Erm, I’m not a novice … and I’m part of “Team Peppermint”, so I NEED to beta test Peppermint 4 before release.

So that explains the Peppermint in your face then. :wink: :o

I’d recommend avoiding Unity like the plague, once you have your machine installed, grab “gnome3”. (apt-get install gnome3) Then, before you log in , hit the circle/logo to the right of your name and select Gnome3 from the drop-down.

I would recommend Cinnamon, but it breaks badly when you upgrade to 13.04 on Ubuntu …

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I thought you knew that … I assure you the raving came first :wink: