How install Linux Ubuntu on a Tablet?


Someone know how install Linux on tablet?
I try find, but is nothing for my and Ubuntu.
Meaby is universal method?

TWRP does not work.

  • Release Date: November 2021
  • Operating System: Android 11
  • Chipset: Unisoc Tiger T618
  • CPU: Octa-core (2x2.0 GHz Cortex-A75 & 6x1.8 GHz Cortex-A55)
  • GPU: Mali G52 MP2
  • RAM: 8GB

Thanks for answers in advance.

Hi, I think it may depend on what sort of tablet you have and exactly what you hope to achieve. Assuming your table is an Android tablet, technically it’s already running Linux, indeed a version tailored for your tablet hardware (!)

If you want to “add” Linux to what you already have in a relatively “non” destructive way, you could take a look at this;

You can install this from the Google app store and it gives you a “user-land” version of Debian, on-top of Android. I’ve not tried it, however it’s showing half a million downloads and some good reviews.

Only normal Linux.
Remove android.

Ok, so looking at the hardware spec, the ARM version of Debian or Ubuntu might run, but this is a relatively destructive process. There are lots of descriptions and walk-through’s available, this is relatively concise;

What is it you’re looking to achieve by removing Android? (you will likely lose “some” hardware support in doing this …)

I try that long time ago.
Does not see .iso.
That Android version is hard.

So … if you have an Android tablet, it’s designed to run Android. Whereas in many cases it’s possible to make Linux run on Android tablets, it really depends on the hardware, but either way, you’re trying to do something with the tablet that it wasn’t really designed to do - so it will likely be hard.
(unless you go for something like “noroot”.
You still didn’t say “why” you wanted to remove Android … typically if you’re running the Operating System designed for the device, it will be “better” than loading something else … ??

Device is not me.
Owner is Google / CIA / DARPA.

Sorry, that makes no sense.

Linux core is used for Android is not a problem with drivers.