How to install BRL-CAD in Ubuntu [Solved]


I have downloaded BRL-CAD from this place Download BRL-CAD
It is and 3d modelling cad program.
Question is How do I install it in Ubuntu?

Which version of Ubuntu, and which architecture ?

What’s the output from:

uname -a

it is

mark@mark-Aspire-5755G:~$ uname -a
Linux mark-Aspire-5755G 3.13.0-52-generic #86-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 4 04:32:59 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

just double-click the .deb file you downloaded to install it

Sorted Thank you.

Just for future reference, if it is a “.deb” you just double click on the file to install it? or is that only on some of them?


Yeah just double-click it … if it can’t satisfy any required dependencies or it’s the wrong architecture it’ll warn you and not install.

This does NOT mean you should be going around the web looking for .deb files … whenever possible you’re still safer installing software from the default repositories through your package manager(s).