How to install hplip-3.11.10 in Ubuntu 11.10 64bit

OK, thanks to pooky2483 who was having problems getting his HP 3070a all-in-one printer/scanner working in Ubuntu 11.10 64bit … we now have a working soultion:

  1. Download hplip-3.11.10 from here:
    and put it in your home folder.

  2. Run sh in a terminal:

cd ~


  1. Copy the lib64 libraries to lib folder:
sudo cp -rv /usr/lib64/* /usr/lib/
  1. Copy the usr/lib64/sane libraries to /usr/lib/sane/
sudo cp -v /usr/lib64/sane/*.* /usr/lib/sane/
  1. Reboot

  2. Run hp-setup

hp-setup -g
  1. Set up your printer :slight_smile:

If you have any conflicting printers already installed, run:


and remove them.

BTW, for the HP 3070a, select the 3070 b611 driver in hp-setup.

Mark, you’re a star. Again. I’ve just used the “system-config-printer” command shown here to fix a recent printer problem.

Cheers, mate!