how to install veetle on aspireone linux linpus lite

I tried the linux self installer and got the message: ‘patch does not available’. (My son and I had a good laugh at this.) There is also a ‘tarball’ option, which I downloaded and then extracted via Xarchiver but I’m such a n00b I don’t even know what that means… certainly didn’t make veetle spring to life.

I seriously doubt if you’ll get this installed in Linpus Lite … I would expect it to need some recent libraries which aren’t available for Linpus as it’s not receiving updates any more.

I’ll look to see if I can find any way of shoehorning it in, but if I were you I’d seriously consider ditching Linpus Lite in favor of an up-to-date Linux distribution such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint etc.

You are going to have the same problem with a LOT of software and Linpus Lite now.

In the Windows world it would be like trying to install modern software in Windows 95 … it just hasn’t got the recent libraries to run modern software, and isn’t going to get them as it is no longer supported.

Ok thank you - I got this netbook so it’d be ‘live update - trouble free’ :cry: I’d change to an updated linux but you previously helped me update firefox and flashplayer so I’ve been running like the wind until this veetle thing. I will check out what the time investment would be in changing to full linux though - I work 60+ hours a week so I keep trying to convince my 15yr old son to learn linux but so far it’s not working because he’s a :o mac addict. sigh

At a guess (taking into account you haven’t done it before)…

Half an hour to download Ubuntu/Mint etc.

An hour (max) to create a LiveUSB installer (as it’s your first time)

An hour to install (max)

An hour (max) to follow the instructions on this forum to fix a few small issues you may have, like getting the card reader, mic socket, and wireless to work.

10 mins of automatic updates.

Couple of hours of learning how to use the package manager(s) and customising the install with any extra software such as Skype, Veetle, etc.

The reason I underlined extra is because most of the software you will require will have been installed along with the OS … such as Media players, Office suite (LibreOffice), PDF reader, Photo viewer/organiser, Archive manager, Web browser (Firefox 7), Email client (Thunderbird 7), Torrent client, IM client, etc.

Done :slight_smile:

The “Update Manager” will then automatically keep all of your software up-to-date … ie. when a new version of Firefox (or any other software you have installed) is released, it will be automagically updated for you.

Probably best to set half a day aside, if you want to do it all in one go … but you can obviously do the customising at your leisure.

Lets put things this way … I could probably do it from scratch in about 2 hours … that includes downloading, creating the LiveUSB, installing, updating, and customising … but you may need to add some reading time.

If you know how, its MUCH quicker than a Windows install … which takes about the same time for the OS install, but then hours of updates (did a Vista install the other day, the updates alone took 13 hours to get it to service pack2 … I’m NOT kidding), then you have to install all your applications and drivers yourself, not to mention AV :wink:

If anything I’ve over estimated the time it should take … I can point you to all the relevant instructions if you wish ? … or pull it all together in one place ?