How to merge two partitions ? [Solved}

After installing peppermint , and it’s ok, I split Windows partition to add more space to Linux peppermint , how can I add the unallocated partition to peppermint partition?

Can you explain that a little clearer ?

I take it you mean you SHUNK the Windows partition leaving unpartitioned space on the drive ?

Any chance you can fire up gparted, take a screenshot showing your partition layout, host the screenshot online somewhere such as
then post a link to it, so we can take a looksee.

Hello Mark

I have partition called Linux , its free, and want to add it to peppermint partiton

Okay, boot to a Peppermint LiveCD/LiveUSB (as you can’t resize/move the Linux partition if it’s mounted) and fire up GParted

Delete the partition labelled “linux” leaving just empty space.

MOVE (not resize) the sda5 partition to the left so it now starts immediately after the sda4 partition and the unprtitioned space is now to the right of it.

THEN resize sda5 (from the right) into the unpartitioned space.

did that make sense to you ?

BTW, if the system ends up unbootable DON’T panic and start reinstalling … it just means GRUB need reinstalling or fstab adjusting … we’ll get to that if it becomes necessary.

it’s OK dear , all done
but why the power bottomn is not active??

so i must press physical power to get the menu for shutdown and restart?

also backlit keyboard dosent work

is this a fresh install, or did you keep a /home partition from another distro or version ?

(this should already be done by default, so something’s wrong)
Right-click the menu button (bottom left of screen) and select “Properties”

on the “Commands” tab set

All Settings: peppermint-settings-panel
Lock Screen: xflock4
Switch Users: lxsession switch-users
Log Out: peppermint-logout
Edit Profile: users-admin

All of those should also be ticked

DO NOT tick and use the “Edit Application” item … there is no 100% safe menueditor for LXDE, using one will mess up your menu

The “Favourites” menu should also be populated, so as I said something went wrong … most likely a reused /home partition ?

its fresh install , i shrink Windows volume between pepermint and windows
now the power bottomn is OK , just the keyboard lights is missing

Is there not a keyboard shortcut for turning on/of the keyboard baclight ?

does this command turn it on:

echo 3 > /sys/class/leds/asus::kbd_backlight/brightness

it works, thank you very much