How to re install mint after boot problems

I installed Linux mint on my notebook just a couple of days ago. I was really getting into it when I had a notification to update some software, which I did. Now when I restart my notebook It doesn’t recognize my password for the hard drive encryption. I know the password Im using is correct because I saved it to another pc in my house.

I realize the encryption was a bad idea in the first place.

I have no files I want or anything like that so I just want to wipe my HDD and re-install Linux, without encryption…

Can anyone advise how to do this, I will need to install from usb as I don’t have a disk drive on my notebook.

Thanks in advance

If you’re not bothered about loosing everything…

Just install as normal … and tell it to use the whole disk (replacing everything that’s there) and it should do the partitioning for you.

Another option would be to boot to the LiveCD/LiveUSB and use Gparted to create a new “msdos” partition table … this will completely remove all partitions.

then reinstall as normal