How to run Mac apps on Peppermint?

i want to transfer my Chrome Bookmarks to my iPad Safari, in windows there is iCloud utilty installed in Chrome then transfer everything from Chrome to Safari. This tools not available in Linux, and when i try to install Safari using wine its very old version.
so how can i transfer my bookmark to ipad Safari?
or can i install app like wine but to run mac app , safari, on linux?

You’re not going to get OS X apps to run in Linux … and IMHO WINE is a PITA

If all you’re trying to do is transfer bookmarks, you should be able to export the bookmarks as an HTML file from Chrome:-

[ol]- In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu

  • Select Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager
  • Click the “Organise” menu in the manager
  • Select Export bookmarks[/ol]

Then Import the HTML file into Safari:-

[ol]- In Safari go to File > Import Bookmarks…
(If you don’t see the menu bar, press the Alt key)

  • Point it at the HTML file you exported from Chrome
  • Name the new Bookmark folder whatever you like[/ol]

Yes i just want the bookmarks ,
but there is now Safari for Linux, it is just an old version ! and i want to make it sync with ipad

I do the following and its OK, long way but what can i do…

  • Install VirtualBox.
  • Install windows
  • inside Windows, install Chrome
  • Then install Set up and use iCloud for Windows - Apple Support app
  • Inside Chrome install icloud extension,
  • then sign using icloud and Chrome
  • All bookmarks appear in Safari iPbone or iPad

Please if anyone has simple method please sharing