How to see network packages in internet traffic on xubuntu 20.04?

I can see network traffic on ubuntu operation systems and other linux systems with command:

watch -n 1 "netstat -tuwapn"
I've learned this with this youtube video:

I know how to install wireshark to ubuntu systems:

apt install wireshark
I'm sorry...I don't understand how can I see packages with wireshark.. Please,say me how to analyze and see network packages with wireshark on ubuntu?

See here -

Hi Webret, it would help if you were able to detail what it is you are trying to accomplish with regards to “seeing packages”. Netstat and Wireshark are great tools in context, but are more for real-time traffic analysis … you might also like to take a look at “ntop”, which is orientated more towards traffic analysis “after the fact”, but does provide some detail with regards to traffic flow per application.

Sample screenshot here;

Website is here;

I know it looks a bit professional, but as far as I’m aware it’s available under GPL3 license. (i.e. Open Source)
(apt install ntopng on Ubuntu)