How to stream from Virgin TV Go in a linux browser?

So my query actually concerns the Irish service but it seems to be identical to the UK one

(you will not be able to attempt streaming without an account) works fine on Windows 10 with Chrome (80.0.3987.149 (Official build) (64 bit)) but I have not been able to get it working on Ubuntu 18.04 (exact same version of Chrome). Same issue with Firefox 74, Chromium, and Vivaldi. I am unsure if they are using Flash or some other software, as I do not see the usual option menu you when I right click video playing.

I have also tried user agent switcher addons in Chrome and Firefox, setting both browsers on Windows in each, and Edge, and Chromium.

To help identify what they are using, on Windows, I right clicked a playing stream and viewed source:

I have been using a virtual machine for this but it can be slow and it is a very bloated workaround, is there anything I can try to get this working on a linux browser?

This is literally the thing that’s stopping me porting from Windows to Linux.

As I have a remote subscription to Virgin Go - including the Sports channels and use it quite a lot.

I presume as you didn’t receive any reply at all that there was no fix for this?