How to use Network Manager to connect to a wireless network

  1. On the panel (taskbar) click the Network Manager icon (by the clock)… normal click, not right click.

  2. Select “your” wireless network from the displayed list of detected networks.

  1. Enter your Network Key… usually on a sticker somewhere on your router.

  2. Click Connect.

All Done :slight_smile:

Hello Mark, is this network manager only available in ubuntu 10.10 as I dont seem to have that icon on 10.04.



On 10.10 it’s an applet called (helpfully) the “indicator applet”, so if you don’t see it, right click on the panel, select “add to panel” and select “indicator applet” …
(this’ll give you a couple of other things too like “volume control”)

no, it should definitely be there… though it may look slightly different (2 arrows pointing up and down ?) normally just to the left of the clock.

if it’s missing, you could try this

hit Alt+F2, in the run dialogue box enter

nm-applet --sm-disable
click run the network manager panel applet sould automatically restart itself.

or you could try enter in this in a terminal


if it’s already running, you will get an error telling you that it’s running.

you could also go to System>Preferences>Startup Programs and check there is a tick next to Network Manager

Can you connect to the internet with a cable?.. if so network manager is running just not displaying the icon for some reason, try getting all the updates.

Thanks will check it out, and yes in 10.10 I had the arrows and same in 10.4 but I cannot get the box up that asks just for the password .Will switch to ubuntu shortly and have a look. Missus whinges when I stick my pc on ethernet cable as it has to run through the lounge :slight_smile:

Well I have been having a browse around and have taken screen shots of a reboot screen and what my partitions look like at the moment .
The partitions on the top are normal, the ones below are some that have been made whilst attempting installs of ubuntu and mint previously.
Can I sort these out quite easily and get my larger drive back to normal with just one install ?
The whatever L partition is called that because I was fiddling and renamed it etc etc.

Wow…such a great tutorial…
Knowing the fact I’m noob in Linux, because of this thread, I was able to use my wireless network…
Big thanks for this.

Otherwise goto a terminal–Ctrl/T or ctrl/alt/T and issue this command:
ifconfig down
ifconfig ath0 hw ether ath0 being interface(which might be
then MAC address(after ether)
ifconfig ath0 up

IGNORE the above posting, that will only disconnect your ath0 network connection… change the MAC address (to whatever you enter)… then bring the connection back up.

not that it would work at all as a regular user.