Howdy folks . . . . .

Just signed up and popping in to say hello,
just found this forum via android taptalk today and it seems to have a pretty regular user base and lots going on, I’m normally to be found on the linux mint forum but just fancied something a little more ‘local’ :wink: so hello from not-so-sunny manchester !

Hi daveinuk, and welcome to the forum …

Yeah smaller forum, but friendlier for it if you ask me … always room for more though :wink:

Howdy, not far from Manchester myself :slight_smile:

Hi there, Lancashire based myself, so quite local, welcome to the forum.

Hi daveinuk.

Welcome to the Forum

Jocklad ;D

Thanks for the welcome people, great to know there’s some ’ locals ’ around :slight_smile:

I am not local…lol…

I am located in Texas…

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So I guess the title of this topic rang a bell with you ? :wink:

I just gotta make sure my tie doesn’t get tangled up in my saddle as I ride to the livery stable and rustle me up some grub

Hahaha :slight_smile: … Give JR my best, and I’ll pop my bowler on and say hello to Winston for you :wink:

Hi and welcome - from an even less sunny Bolton!!!