HP Envy 5030 'not printing' problem.(Solved)

HP Envy 5030 Printer ‘not printing’ problem solved.

I recently had a problem with my HP Envy 5030 All in One printer that wouldn’t print when “Ink is Low” notice was shown, after various unsuccessful attempts to print I contacted the Forum helpline.
I was advised to check if the computer was showing the ‘ink levels and also advised to download the HPLIP app.
When I checked the ink levels on the computer they where not showing if they were empty or not. I have been using CartridgeSave compatible ink cartridges for sometime without any problems up till now. So I bought new a new set of CartridgeSave compatible ink cartridges and replaced the old ones and the printer still showed the “Ink is Low” notice. I was then advised the check if the “Ink Levels” where showing on the computer printer properties and found they were not showing the levels of the new full cartridges just fitted. At this time I noticed in the Status section of the printer properties that the Enabled box wasn’t ticked so I ticked this and noticed that the Ink Levels showed Full. Then I set up to print a Test Page and the printer then printed a Test Page successfully.
After informing the Linux Forum advisor of the successful outcome we agreed that it wasn’t necessary to download the HPLIP because it wasn’t an easy one to use.

Cool, nice to see working solutions … :slight_smile:
Some of the multi-function all-in-one devices work pretty well, but there is a tendency to need drivers or additional drivers which doesn’t always make the printing experience totally seamless. If anyone is on the lookout for a seamless solution, this might be worth a read;

Thanks for the link, MP, which I found very useful - and very apposite as my HP 7612 A3 printer has just died after a couple of years. Probably my fault as I was tempted to use “compatible” cartridges.
When searching for another printer for a friend (found HP 8015 which is fine) I discovered that there is a minimum print rate for ink-jets; typically 250 pages per month, and that for a domestic printer. Neither I nor any of my friends would achieve that and I’ve found several reports of such printers just “saying NO” and resting on their laurels.

I’ve been put off laser printers in the past by:

  1. the price of printer
  2. price of toner
  3. reports that they are suitable only for heavy use by businesses
  4. the long warm-up time before printing
    but perhaps things have changed.

Looking at the published pence/page (www.cartridgesave.co.uk) inkjets come out slightly cheaper:
Xerox 6515/DNI laser printer - Original 106R034 High Capacity 4 Colour Toner Cartridge Multipack : 2.8p/page (£426)
HP 8015 inkjet printer - Original 912XL High Capacity 4 Colour Ink Cartridge Multipack (3YP34AE) : 2p/page (£80)
So at first glance inkjet looks the most convenient for the average user in terms of capital costs.
But do laser printers have a minimum page/month? I haven’t found any numbers.

What did I buy for myself in the end? As my big A3 printing job hasn’t materialised yet I chose to buy a refurbished HP Officejet Pro 8024 for £35 (and HP high-capacity cartridges for £80). Bargain.


I have had an HP Office Jet Pro 8100 for quite a few years now. Printing only when necessary, which isnt all that often, although lately Ive been doing more than normal. So far no problems, even when I don`t print anything for months, it even works via Wi-Fi!

This is just my experience.


Hi Keith … so I’m not sure where your £/page comes from, but historically I avoid figures coming from the manufacturer when it comes to ink or printing costs. I tend to use “printerland.co.uk” as they seem to sell almost everything and don’t seem to lean in any particular direction. If you take a look at their printer specs, they include a cost/page for every printer.


I don’t know how accurate these numbers are, but after having worked with a bunch of different inkjets, they don’t seem unrealistic. As a rule of thumb, I tend to find lasers 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of inkjets (per page) … in practice with cartridge failures etc, my personal experience is that over the short term or for very infrequent use, inkjets can be much more cost effective. If on the other hand you’re keeping the printer for a while or want to do lots of printing, over time it tends to even out … that said mileage will depending on the printer … :slight_smile:

Ironically, the “most-used” feature of my Xerox is scan to email … insert document, enter email address on printer console, press scan. I’d not even considered the scanning feature at the outset, but it’s turned out to be incredibly useful. Seems to be a feature of many of the new multi-function printers, I maybe I’m getting old … keeping up is becoming hard … :frowning:

Hi MP.
I had the $/page from several printer review sites that seemed to agree but who knows how accurate they are!
Thanks for the printerland link. Very useful for comparisons although their prices are horrendous.
In the end, my (and all my friends’) printer use is occasional so the capital cost of inkjets/ink is attractive. Besides; I couldn’t lift your Xerox Laser printer without a forklift.

You mention scan-to-email; The HP 8015 has this facility, also, and I guess it’s becoming mainstream as s/w is cheap.

This has been a useful comparison exercise - thanks all.