HPmini ubuntu & skype: micro does not work

What can it be?

I can call, video OK, and hear the other person.

But where is this damn micro

Thanks for other answers, very hard to change for W.

Ok, assuming you have a mic plugged in, and assuming it works under windows, have you checked the volume control? Mic’s have a volume slider in much the same way as speakers, and there’s also a “mute” option … (!)

… based on these assumptions (i.e. that there is a mic that works on Windows) and assuming sound output works, I’m not sure it “can” be anything else …

Install linux-backports-modules-alsa-lucid-generic
(if you are using anything other than lucid such as karmic change the “lucid” part to “karmic” or whatever version of Ubuntu you’re using)


Open a terminal, enter:


Press your “tab” key… and set both internal and front mic sliders to 100%… press your “Esc” key

found here:

Mmm, now you mention it I have noticed that Ubuntu no longer install alsamixer by default … when will they get it into their heads that changing fundamentals is a really bad idea … it’s almost as bad as M$ not including “telnet” in Windows 7 !!

Apparently telnet was disable in Vista too, shows how long it’s been since I used it… I never even knew.
According to M$, telnet is a security risk so it was disabled… Ill bet you know what my next comment was going to be :wink:
Something about the power button being a Windows security risk…

installed, increase all mic vol
but still does not work

BTW, I am using the internal mic of the HPmini which works well with W

OK, try this…

Open Skype then in the Main Skype window navigate to Tools>Options>Sound DevicesUncheck "Let Skype adjust my sound device setting"… click “Save”… Quit Skype… Restart Skype.

not working???

Try this…
Right-Click the speaker icon in the top panel by your clock… select Sound Preferences… select the Input tab… make sure the Input Volume is set to Unamplified, and try changing the Connector and set the input sources to “line” and “front mic”.

If this doesn’t work, can you post the exact model of your HP mini.

Thanks Mark,
I have done the modification in sound preferences but I do not know where is connector.
So I have run the ubuntu test. Just found it.
It is very good stuff.
So sound and mic was ok with this test.
Open skypeand it is working perfectly.

Thanks again for your efficient help