I accidentally installed kodibuntu over my windows 10 OS

I accidentally installed kodibuntu over my windows 10 OS. I thought that whilst using kodibuntu on a usb device that I had to install the linux live helix environment onto the usb stick so I clicked install. It told me that there was no operating system associated with this device so I believed that it was installing a dedicated kodi install on my usb stick but instead it installed it on my windows 10 computer and made it a dedicated Kodi device running under linux live helix is there any way to get back to my windows 10 installation on my computer? I am not a very technical person and feel very ashamed over this situation…Is there anyone out there that can help or give me some advice as what to do please. Thanking you in advance.

Was the PC bought new with Windows 10 on it ?

What’s the make and model.

my laptop is an acer aspire E1-572 it came with windows 8.1 and was upgraded to windows 10

Hi, If I’m upstanding this, you want to reinstall Windows 10 onto your Acer if you installed Windows 10 onto your laptop from a fresh install or an upgrade you can go to this site Download Windows 10 and download windows 10 and reinstall.

Microsoft now keep the information so you can now reinstall without any problems they will authorized the COA code automatically, however this only works if you have had Windows 10 installed at some point.

Thank you for responding. Yes I have already downloaded the reinstall and put it on a usb stick but because the laptop in question is setup as a dedicated kodi machine (now), I don’t know how to get it to load from the usb device with windows 10 on it…I’m not very technical and no nothing about linux live. I’ve put the usb (windows 10 installer) into the usb port and the light flashes, but it doesn’t load up.

If you hit and hold the F12 key immediately after turning on your PC and seeing the “Acer” screen … does it ask you which device to boot from ?


Thank you ever so much Mark I’ve now been able to startup by the usb (windows 10 installer). I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to reinstall windows 10 OS because I knew then that I would’ve lost the original configuration of my windows 10 and probably my files but when clicking on startup repair it wasn’t able to fix it. Nothing I could do, but the fact that I’ve got my pc back and am able to use the operating system that I am familiar with is most important. How do I get started to understand the Unix/Linux environment I think I might give it a go. All I was doing was trying to load Kodi onto a usb device and ended up making a disaster of it all. Thanks everyone for your input. :slight_smile:

What would you like too do ?

Create a LiveUSB you can “try” Linux from ?

or install Linux to your hard drive alongside Windows ?