I looking old 32 bit verisons Kali

Hello, please recommend me ISO for 32 bit hardware, here I have several computers:

on socket 370 - CELERON 600 MHZ / RAM 64 MB and CELERON 800 MHZ / RAM 512 MB

and two computers on socket 478 - PENTIUM IV / RAM 2 GB /

as well as three units of socket 462 - AMD ATHLON XP 1150 GHZ / RAM 2 GB

I just want to give a second life to these computers. So, I will ask if someone can give me links to old archive versions, 32 bit. Thanks in advance!

Hi Weitek,

It really depends on what you want to do with these machines. 2GB of RAM really isn’t enough to run a modern desktop. Whereas you could probably persuade XFCE to work in 2G, as soon as you run up a browser and try to do anything useful you’ll likely have problems.

So, you can get a 32-bit debian here, however.

Now, someone correct my maths if I’m wrong, but let’ say your old machine eats 50W of power, the approximate cost (in Kw) would be something like;

0.05 (kw/h) * 24 (hours) * 365 (days) = 438 Kw / year.
Current cost of electricity is something like 0.35 / unit, so cost of running this machine would be ~ £153/year.

A raspberry Pi 4 (8Gb) with a case comes in at under £100 and should draw less than 6w on average, so 0.006 * 25 * 365 * 0.35 = ~ £19/year.
(i.e. new machine pays for itself in ~ 6 months, then you’re saving £130/year)

So whereas re-using old hardware can be a great idea, it’s not always that cost effective … unless someone else is paying the electric bill … :wink:

I say while looking over to the stack of old servers piled up in the corner of the office … :frowning:

:cloud_with_lightning: my main office server is a 4Gb Raspberry Pi 4 with 1Tb M.2 storage (!)

He could use something like Openbox or LXDE. Sparky comes to mind. Their minimal spin would work well and Kali type tools can be added. They do 32bit spins.