I need an email checking program that works in mint 10

I have spent hours now installing programs from the mint software manager, non of them work.

I need a program that checks all my email accounts and lets me know if I have new emails.

Anyone know of a reliable program for mint 10.

Thanks in advance.

You don’t mention what you’ve already tried so those applications aren’t duplicated in responses… it might also be helpful to describe what you don’t like about applications you’ve already tried :slight_smile:

Have you tried gnubiff it should be available in the repos ?

Hi, this program seems to be working OK.

Other programs tried - maildrop, mailcheck, mail-notification and wmmail they just did not work.

Thanks for your help.

:slight_smile: … and just in case you’re wondering about the gnubiff name (which you probably weren’t) -

The GNU part is fairly obvious… and BIFF… biff is a UNIX command line mail notifier.


Can’t you just install something like Evolution Mail? or Thunderbird? Or are those not written for Mint yet? :o

He didn’t need an email client as such… he wanted an email notifier, that would notify him of mail arriving in multiple email accounts on different servers, when the client wasn’t running :slight_smile:

Yes that’s quit correct ; I use Thunderbird and have done so for some years after another free client from New Zeeland went along the paid route.

Thanks for the info.