i thought linpus were dead

found this link so posted it here

Nope Linpus is still going … but Linpus Lite (at least the version installed by default on Acer Aspire One) is long dead.

From past experience, I wouldn’t even “test” anything from Linpus … they are never well supported.

Linpus came preinstalled on a nettop computer I bought last year. By default it logged you in as root without setting up a limited user. It didn’t stay on there for long.

Just out of interest … What did you replace Linpus with ?

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I initially replaced it with Sabayon and used XBMC most of the time. I’ve now switched over to Fedora so that I can get the up to date version of MythTV as well (Sabayon was at 0.23 while my backend was at 0.26).

Ahh … I figure your nettop is a higher spec than an Acer Aspire One netbook then :wink:

It’s one of the Acer Revo series with a 1.8GHz atom CPU and ION2 graphics, so it’s okay for watching videos (:.

Similar matter has already been discussed at yahoo answers. I can post the link if needed

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If it’s about Linux, feel free to post a link.