I understand why I dropped Windows all those years ago

I have been using Linux full time for about 5 years now. I’m currently self employed and I don’t need to use anything that requires the use of Windows for more than 5 mins these days, the most I use it for is to check websites in IE, but today I had to install indesign and also decided to install filezilla so the finished indesign files could be put on the server.

It just shows you how ingrained you get to working with Linux because my first thought before installing Filezilla was to head for the terminal.
When I first got in to Linux years ago this way of working felt weird to me, but now it is so efficient.

I needed to use a special downloader for Filezilla, which gave me new shortcuts to other websites that I never even asked for, on of top that off when I opened Firefox I got a new search engine added to the right hand side search bar. This wasn’t malware by the way, this was an official download.

It made me understand why I left Windows in the first place. You don’t get extra junk.

Hi linuxlv, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more … the windows world has gone completely insane with installing rubbish along with what you actually want … remember when Windows printer drivers came on a single floppy, but now require a DVD for all the crap that comes with them ::slight_smile:
(yet I’ll bet the ACTUAL drivers are still quite small)

Thank god for Linux.


I’m also with you on the terminal thing … I also now find myself thinking in CLI terms, and it drives me up the wall that (nearly) everything has to be done through the GUI in Windows … massively inefficient, let alone damn inconvenient.

But if I had only one thing I was allowed to complain about, it would be the Windows registry Vs Linux config files … the registry is a nightmare. :o

Things like Dreamweaver, last year it was the only thing I relied on for building websites. I used that through Wine which worked perfectly. I decided to try coding without a WYSIWYG editor, so I tried Geany and honestly I have never looked back. It’s quick, efficient does the job for CSS and PHP based websites, but the added bonus I installed a local LAMP server. Linux is so flexible this way.