I Want to know more about Dolphin

I have switched over to dolphin from Nautilus due to it always locking up when I open numerous tabs and folders.
What I’d like to know it, can I set Dolphin to open back up after a boot with the same folders open as before the reboot?
Is there a way I can get it to show the duration/length of videos the same way it shows other details?
Is there anywhere I can get ‘add-ons’ for dolphin?

Dolphin is from the KDE camp. If you got it installed in say XFCE, Unity or Gnome then you would be missing out on tons of integration.
More info here


KDE is a desktop environment in the same way Gnome, Xfce, LXDE, etc. are.

If you want the full integration of dolphin into the desktop … it needs to be run in KDE.

I’m in NO way advising you to install KDE in Ubuntu … it will pull in a TON of dependencies … if you wanna try it out, best to get a LiveCD/LiveUSB of a distro that uses KDE4 by efault, such as Kubuntu (which will use Dolphin as the default file manager anyway).

Personally I can’t stand Dolphin, or KDE4 … but that’s just me :wink:

I’ve installed it through SPM and I quite like the look of it ;D

Great, but as SeZo mentions, using Dolphin without the rest of KDE is a kinda half experience.

I’ve installed the full Kubuntu.
I have a new 2Tb Hd on it’s way and when I get it, I may re-install my system and either have a single boot Ubuntu with Kubuntu inside or a dual boot of Ubuntu and Kubuntu…