I want to use Linux so very VERY much

I have so many questions. Trouble is, until some of these questions actually arise, I don’t know exactly how to articulate them.

So. My system is an MSI U180. Intel Atom N2600 Ram 1GB DDRIII, with a 320 GB hard disk.

Currently running Windows 7.

I want to get rid of Windows, and totally reconfigure to Linux (Ubuntu) and Apache Open Office. If there is open source security software that someone can recommend, I would be up for that too.

I currently have a google account, and an android phone. I also have an Amazon Prime account through which I have purchased movies and tv programs and obviously I would like to be able to view them through my laptop. I can keep the google account solely on my phone if I need to.

At the moment, my system is hanging really badly (you would not believe how long it has taken so far to type this message) although I am not certain if it is my system (I am feeling that familiar stress that comes with my exposure to Windows) or the fact that the library’s internet can be somewhat haphazard.

All advice, suggestions, actual physical help would be very gratefully received. I live on a boat in Gosport, Hampshire, can be found in the Library most days and would happily buy hot beverages in exchange for help. Advice for getting stuff off the laptop would also be gratefully received.

1GB RAM is pretty low, specially for a full blown distro like Ubuntu which will be accessing the swap partition as soon as you open a web browser.

You should try something lighter such as Peppermint but your best bet would be to also increase the RAM.

There are even lighter distros than Peppermint, but they start to get progressively less user friendly … and at the end of the day (if you web browse) there’s a limit on minimum RAM these days set by the size of web pages.

I’m afraid the internet (and modern browsers) is stretching 1GB machines these days.

You might also want to try a lighter web browser such as Midori … but expect it to be less functional and more basic than Chrome/Chromium/Firefox.

If you want to see if your PC is swapping out when online, with a website open, open a terminal and post the output from:

free -m

I always go the the website
to find what is out there
The last time I built Linux on an old laptop, I used Lubuntu (32bit)

Peppermint is Lubuntu based … not trying to “push” Peppermint, just sayin :wink:

I always tell people who want to go over to Linux, first go to Distro watch, have a look at the different distro there, and consider the PC specification your going to install this version of Linux onto. Then pick say three or four and go to You Tube and have a look at some reviews then decide which will be best for you and what you do with your particular PC i.e. surf the web,watch movies, play games, photography.
If all else fails install Ubuntu, Mint (cinnamon) Lubuntu, Zorin, are few to be getting along with, it’s not hard to reinstall a Distro should you not like the one you picked.