If anyone wants Peppermint OS help. Ask away

Hi all,

After a little while away (started a new job and first baby) I am back on LFUK. I thought I would try and promote Peppermint OS as it is a very tidy OS.

In the same breath it does have some issues and if anyone has any questions, queries or problems with Peppermint OS (Any version) then I am happy to help.

Cheers guys and nice to be back :slight_smile:


Nice to see you back too … and congratulations on the baby and job … I’ll bet you’re getting loads of sleep, eh? :wink:

What issues ? … I run Peppermint 3 32bit on 2 PC’s and haven’t come across any issues yet.

There are a few issues with the 64bit version, but Kendall is fixing these for the first peppermint respin … due out VERY soon (being tested as we speak)

there are respins of both 32 and 64bit versions (I’m currently testing the 32bit respin) … they’ve done away with the annoying notification-daemon and gone back to notify-osd as in Peppermint 2.

I can tell you the Peppermint 3 32bit respin is rock solid, but then so was the original … I’ve also been told by people that have tested the 64bit respin that the issues now seem solved … so keep your eyes open, it will be released SOON :slight_smile:

There are so many issues with their 64-bit OS that I have been in contact with them about.

Many applications aren’t built and implemented correctly, but there are various little work arounds that I have been told/worked out.

Overall I was just trying to drive up some more interest in Peppermint :slight_smile:

Agreed … Peppermint 3 64bit was broken at release (32bit was rock solid), and whilst it’s generally easily fixable it should have been more thoroughly tested, and the fixes may not be obvious to new users without assistance.

Can I add though that they seem to be testing the first respin more thoroughly, and AFAIK with a larger test group.

I’m all for driving up interest in Peppermint … it’s currently my distro of choice … small, light, fast, and VERY capable … I love it.

Small and light yet I still happily use it on my i7 work machines, it is bloody glorious :slight_smile:

Jeez … I’ll bet that flies :slight_smile: