"If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux, it means I've won"

You know who said that almost, famous quote? Yes, it be he, our international guru, Mr Linus Torvalds.

Why am I quoting Linus? Well, in an attempt to breaking into “the cloud” market, Microsoft, are now offering Ubuntu on their Azure cloud infrastructure. What amazes me though is this, Canonical have been working with Microsoft to ensure Ubuntu is CERTIFIED to run on Azure.

Not only will it run Ubuntu in the cloud, but it’ll run other Linux distro’s too.

I guess it’s fair to say, Microsoft are now acknowledging that without Linux, they will not survive. Perhaps a smart move?

I forgot to mention, you can also buy support from Canonical directly, but you’ve always been able to do that anyway.

Not quite an “application for Linux” … but granted, they no longer try to sweep Linux under the carpet and pretend it doesn’t exist :slight_smile:

Yes not quite an application, but since everyone has been using the quote, I thought it’d be fitting. :slight_smile:

Now all we have to do is reverse engineer their Azure cloud infrastructure and we’ll be able to help them destroy themselves. :smiley:

i understand theres a deal between microsoft and redhat in the same way

At last it looks like M$ are finally acknowledging existence of Linux ans how superior it is. Lets hope M$ don’t try to buy Linux in a bid to silence.

Buy Linux ??? … who from ?

That’s precisely why they can’t beat it … it doesn’t fit their business model, so they don’t understand how to fight it.