I'm new computer student and new in Linux, recomendations?

I’m a computer student and new in Linux,
I really like the issue of servers and server administration.
Is there any material I can study to learn how to create and manage a server in Linux?
as services: Web servers, network, backups, local transfer of files with accounts, etc …

I currently have a pc with centos, where I am learning the basics
What else can I do with Linux in a business environment?
Recommendations? tutorials? courses?

I want to learn everything I can about Linux

  1. The first thing is to become ‘comfortable using a Linux distro’.
  2. Then make sure you have a Live Linux distro to get you out of any trouble (Live Linux Knoppix is my recommendation).
  3. I assume you have your hard disc split so “/home” is separate partition to “/” root. This allows backups or work documents etc on /home to be saved independently of the operating system.
  4. Find tutorials etc. on help systems. Many help sites for Linux exist.
  5. Learn to work at the command line (CLI).

All learning is self help and repeated trying. Good Luck.