Importing Packages List

I notice in Muon Update Manager there’s a few options to do with updates,
‘Add Downloaded Packages’,‘Save Installed Packages List’,‘Download Packages From List’

I previously managed to install Kubuntu 14.04 on a laptop which dah Window$ on and now, to save time, I want to be able to import a list of installed packages from my desktop PC to my laptop.

How do I do this?

First you’d need to make sure you’ve added all the same PPA’s if you had any, and that all the same repos are enabled … then update the package lists with:

sudo apt-get update

then import your previously exported package list through muon (I personally can’t help you there).

The other option would be to do it via the command line…

On the PC you want to export the package markings from:

mkdir ~/my-dpkg-markings
dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-dpkg-markings/Package.list
cp -R /etc/apt/sources.list* ~/my-dpkg-markings/
apt-key exportall > ~/my-dpkg-markings/Repo.keys

then copy the “my-dpkg-markings” directory from your home folder on the donor PC to your home folder on the recipient PC … and import them with:

sudo apt-key add ~/my-dpkg-markings/Repo.keys
sudo cp -R ~/my-dpkg-markings/sources.list* /etc/apt/
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dselect
sudo dselect update
apt-cache dumpavail > ~/my-dpkg-markings/temp_avail
sudo dpkg --merge-avail ~/my-dpkg-markings/temp_avail
rm ~/my-dpkg-markings/temp_avail
sudo dpkg --set-selections < ~/my-dpkg-markings/Package.list
sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade -y

I must add I have NOT tested these instructions, they look about right to me but if they screw things up don’t blame me.


I tried the first bit before posting my question. I posted the question because when I did what you said, nothing happened.
I now realise that I didn’t have the repo’s and PPA’s set the same.

I’ll give it a go later, after I’ve got the wireless problem sorted.