Inconsistent mounting issues in KDE Neon 5.23.5

Hi Everyone,

I have recently made the full time switch to KDE Neon from Windows 10 after years of being an on and off linux user.

I have been having issues with mounting drives in KDE Neon. Currently I have 4 drives total, 3 of these drives are mounted to a location in my home directory. Two of these drives will sporadically not automount and require me to mount them via dolphin with a quick double click.

Normally not a big issue, however one of the use cases for my setup is that I like to play games in a different room via steamlink, so steam is started automatically (using the built in “Autostart” application) to make it easier for me and my family to do this. A majority of the games are installed to these two drives that are not automounting. Steam is unfortunately not able to access these even after mounting and fully restarting steam without a full system restart.

I have used KDE Partition manager to create mount points and the fstab looks good. (See fstab below).

The two drives that are not mounting are sdd1 & sde1 (Program Drive and Game Drive), the third always mounts. The only hardware difference is that sdd1 & sde1 are SSDs with storage drive being a HDD.

  GNU nano 4.8                                                                                        /etc/fstab                                                                                                   
# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# Use 'blkid' to print the universally unique identifier for a device; this may
# be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name devices that works even if
# disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).
# <file system>             <mount point>  <type>  <options>  <dump>  <pass>
UUID=8465d27d-5908-43d8-a885-d7190993a12e   /                                     ext4   noatime,discard   0 1
UUID=6c26bfbe-2576-48a5-92c4-40675371dd23   swap                                  swap   noatime,discard   0 0

/dev/sdd1                                   /home/james/Drives/Program\040Drive   ext4   defaults          0 2
/dev/sde1                                   /home/james/Drives/Game\040Drive      ext4   defaults          0 2
/dev/sda1                                   /home/james/Drives/Storage\040Drive   ext4   defaults          0 2

Any advice is super welcome as I am a little lost on this one.

Thanks in advance, James :slight_smile:

Do not know about Steam but here it goes.
You could try mounting to elsewhere other than your home directory
As a test:
List your drives:

sudo blkid

Locate your UUID for /dev/sdd1

Create directory:

sudo mkdir /media/sdd1

Add line to fstab (replace the xxx with the correct UUID):

UUID=xxx  /media/sdd1 ext4    defaults,noatime     0       2

comment out this line with #

#/dev/sdd1                                   /home/james/Drives/Program\040Drive   ext4   defaults          0 2

mount it:

sudo mount -a

Are you sharing your home directory out?
Then you could create a symbolic link

ln -sf /media/sdd1 /home/james/Drives/Program\040Drive

Thanks for the reply SeZo.

I have just tried that, gave it a few full shutdowns and restarts and it is much more consistent now!

Great spot and thanks again,

James :slight_smile: