Inserting backgrounds into Libre office

Guys I want to insert a background into a text document but can’t figure out how. I want to use a jpg I have of old paper texture as I want a document to look oldy worldy and not the usual white sheet.

EDIT: I just managed to figure it out, only there is still white margin- how’d I make the whole page the background?

insert the graphic into the document,
choose Anchor|To Page from the contextmenu
choose Wrap|In Background from the contextmenu

As long as the image is the same size as the page, that would work

That’s a PITA and I couldn’t get it to work, specially (as SeZo suggests)if the image is not EXACTLY A4 size … maybe you’ll have more luck.

Personally I add the image via Format > Page > Area (tab) > Fill > Bitmap

then switch to the page tab and set the margins to zero

then once the background is set, I insert a text box via Insert > Text Box to act as margins and keep all the text within bounds.

TIP - when typing in the text box the background behind the text line may appear to turn white, but it is NOT printed or saved white (so ignore that)

Not ideal, but then Libreoffice writer is more of a word processor than print layout editor … that would probably be more a job for Scribus

Another option if it’s for print would be to set the background and pass it through the printer … then do the text in a blank white document and pass it through the printer a second time

Non of this is going to help if your printer isn’t capable of borderless printing though :wink:

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: