Installation of Linux on imacG5

I have an iMac G5. The Hardware overview says it is: PowerMac8,2. PowerPC G5. It has 512 MB RAM.

I would like to install a Linnux system on this computer. What system should I use.?

Hello Rebecca - welcome to the Forum.

Have a look at which recommends particularly Lubuntu and Puppy.


Hi Rebecca - a Google search re: upgrading your model suggests it’s possible to increase RAM to 2.5GB if you have the know-how. See here -

and here -

Though lightweight Linux OS’s will run successfully on little RAM, it’s never a bad idea to have more RAM if you can. This will benefit you if you decide in future to go for a more ‘heavyweight’ (ie: more features) distro or if you install additional software to the basic set up. :wink:

If you need help in installing your distro of choice, please post again.