Installation problems

Try again, but use this version of Universal USB Installer:

If that doesn’t work, try checking the MD5 checksum of the Ubuntu ISO image … and/or, try another USB stick.

Ok, I’m trying that now, but in the event that it doesn’t work, I have no idea what the check sum is and I currently only have one USB stick that is over 1GB.

Here are the MD5’s for the current 11.10 ISO images:-

5e427f31e6b10315ada74094e8d5d483 *ubuntu-11.10-alternate-amd64.iso
24da873c870d6a3dbfc17390dda52eb8 *ubuntu-11.10-alternate-i386.iso
62fb5d750c30a27a26d01c5f3d8df459 *ubuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64.iso
c396dd0f97bd122691bdb92d7e68fde5 *ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso

f8a0112b7cb5dcd6d564dbe59f18c35f *ubuntu-11.10-server-amd64.iso
881d188cb1ca5fb18e3d9132275dceda *ubuntu-11.10-server-i386.iso

They can also be found there:

and a Windows application that will generate the MD5 checksum for a given file …

To do this, download this (free) application to the windows PC
unzip it, and use it to generate the MD5 hash for the Ubuntu ISO image you have.

Help page for the MD5 application can be found here:

Ok, it’s almost back to how it was before, but tthere is no text whatsoever…

Can you explain that a little better … what do you mean by “no text at all” ?

Are you able to boot to the desktop from the LiveUSB, and if so are you able to open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T

I mean everything was working fine, but no text was being displayed. I could open up the terminal, but I couldn’t see what I was typing or what the output was, same for online.

Try doing a FULL format of the USB stick in Windows to FAT32 … then recreating the LiveUSB with the same version of Universal USB Creator.

If you get different results, I’m going to guess there is a problem with the USB stick, or the ISO image you are using … or a Windows issue with creating the LiveUSB.

You could try burning a LiveCD just to test how the graphics work from that … it won’t allow us to test the driver upgrade, but it may give us an idea if this is all being caused by a faulty USB stick.


But in either case, checking the MD5 of the ISO image should probably be the first step … no point in continuing if the ISO image is corrupt.

Read this page for information on selecting boot options:

Specifically, see the F6 option … select nomodeset option, and see what happens if you boot with this option enabled.

Ok, I formatted it as Fat32 and it’s working now, the graphics are a little glitchy still, but it’s working

First lets get all the updates to see if that fixes anything … first you’ll need an active internet connection, so either set up your wireless, or connect to your router with an ethernet cable.

Once you have a working internet connection … open a terminal and run:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get upgrade

once that has finished and you are back to an $ prompt … REBOOT to the LiveUSB, and tell me if there is any improvement.

Ok, I’m trying that now, but it seems to be taking a long time on one line, “ldconfig deferred processing now taking place”, is this normal? It’s been about 15 minutes so far

I don’t know … on a hard drive NO that’s not normal … but give it time, it’s bound to take longer on a USB stick than a hard drive.

How large did you make the persistence file during creating the LiveUSB stick ? … is it possible you’ve run out of space ?

If necessary … reboot (which will probably leave the LiveUSB corrupt) … recreate the LiveUSB … and we’ll try installing fglrx without the updates first.

I’m not entirely sure what happened, but the system crashed and now it won’t boot, I think it may have become corrupt as you said, so what should I do now?

I take it you mean the LiveUSB won’t boot … but the hard drive will.

recreate the LiveUSB.

Yeah, sorry, and ok, that’s done now

Boot to te LiveUSB and see what happens if you run:

sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates

then reboot to the LiveUSB when finished.

Sorry, I can’t actually do that without the system crashing, corrupting the USB stick, it’s happened four times now, are there any other ways to do it?

Leave it with me, I’ll check tomorrow on the best procedure for installing the proprietary ATI drivers(if they aren’t being offered in additional drivers), and we’ll do it on the hard drive installation.

Meanwhiles, can you check if booting with the nomodeset option set makes a difference in graphics quality.

As I mentioned in this posting:

Ok, I’ll try that now, thank you so much for all this help

My page isn’t like that, do I have to create a LiveCD for that?