Installed programs

I have been installing programs from the ‘Ubuntu Software Centre’ and I don’t know where they are. How do I find them to use them?
Also (this might be the same sort of question) … Where is the ‘Applications’ tab?


Search for them by name in the Application Lens’s search box … their icons will appear … you can then drag and drop them to the launcher bar if you wish, or just start them from the icon.

Application Lens = Top icon on the Unity launcher bar in 11.10

Also want to add to this. There is no “Applications - Places - System” tabs anymore. In 11.10 you use “Unity” by default not Gnome 2.x. You can change which desktop enviroment you’d like to use by selecting before you put your password in, on log in.

If you are running Ubuntu 11.10, I’d install the GNOME 3 desktop environment by running:

sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

then as BkS says, select it at the login screen … you can switch between them at wlll, at the login screen :slight_smile:

In GNOME 3 whenever you move the mouse cursor to the top left corner of the screen, you will see (amongst other things) an “Applications” button … click that, and it will display icons for ALL installed applications, or sort them by “type” down the right hand side of the screen.

I MUCH prefer the GNOME 3 user interface to Unity :slight_smile:

I’m not sure which one I’ve got, I it’s Gnome 3?

Nope … that’s Unity

And you rate the other one better?
…easier to navigate?

Yup … just install it and take a look … you can pick whichever DE you want to boot into every boot … ie. you can choose between them.

I wuite like it but I tried opening the Calendar and got this pop=up at the botom of the screen
Execution of evolution failed command not found

The Calendar is deigned to be used with the Evolution email client, but Ubuntu 11.04 has Thunderbird installed instead.

If you’d prefer to use Evolution:

sudo apt-get install evolution

the calendar will work then :wink:

I’d like to use the calendar function (as we keep forgetting appointments and things) but not the email side of it, I have got Thunderbird all set up and don’t want to go through all the set up of email addresses again.