installing and launching ubuntu distro from my usb stick

Hi Mark :slight_smile:
I downloaded unbunu linux os unto my usb but cannot launch it :-\ very confused, again :-[

Please help??

Hi, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The easiest way to get the Ubuntu ISO image onto a USB stick, would be to follow the instructions here:

(I know that says it’s for 10.04, but it will work for 10.10, and 11.04 too)

Start at step 2, and follow the instructions…

When you get to this screen:

Pick the Ubuntu version at the top

Point it at the ISO image you downloaded

Point it at your USB stick

Set a persistence file (where the mouse pointer is in the pic)

and click “Create”.


It would probably be best to format the USB stick first :slight_smile:

Also… move the Ubuntu ISO image from the USB stick to the Windows desktop… as the USB stick is going to be formatted.

You are awesome :wink: this will keep me busy for a bit no doubt,
I’ll let ya know how I get on 8)
Thank youuuuuuu!!!
Mercedes (HomezSec)

You’re welcome, if/when you need further assistance… just ask :slight_smile:


I got as far as :

2.Insert the CD and your USB flash drive

…because, basically, I was told I do not need to burn to a cd? I down loaded it on to my usb using this guide

Install A Bootable Linux To USB Stick

but got stuch after it was installed and my computer restarted, just cannot launch it :confused:

Mercedes :slight_smile:

Hmm… UNetbootin doesn’t set persistence, so use Universal USB Creator from my link instead.

Did you change the boot order so it boots from the USB stick before the hard drive ?


When you do get it to boot from the USB stick… be sure to select “Try Ubuntu” and not “Install Ubuntu” when asked.

and don’t expect it to run anywhere near as quickly from a USB stick as it would from a hard drive :wink:

this is the site i used…

Install A Bootable Linux To USB Stick


Yup, I got that :wink: … Have you got an Ubuntu ISO image somewhere on your Windows PC ? (with a name similar to ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso) ?

Im clicking on the icon from the unetbootin saved on my desktop and right mouse click to “open” but it just startes to reinstal and as before i did it useing ubuntu distribution version 8.04 live I am now reinstalling with 10 something…see what happens (it says it is saved to my hard drive atm)

I would lke to use your link but it is saying I have to burn unto a cd and alarmingly I dont know how to start dong that…

would i ask my Dad for a blank cd and then what?
Thanks and sorry for being so slow on the uptake :wink:


in answer to your last question
Have you got an Ubuntu ISO image somewhere on your Windows PC ? (with a name similar to ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso) ?
No :frowning:

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