installing fonts

I have found a font I want to use in Inkscape on my Linux machine.
I think you can install the font to Peppermint 6 and it is then usable by any programme on the computer.
How do I install fonts ?

Probably not the best way, but I have always just created my own directory in /usr/share/fonts/truetype then dropped the font files into that.
They are available system wide. :slight_smile:

Thanks SeZo,
I will go and see what havoc I can spread with that :wink:

As I suspected, I can’t install that font. I will try the Inkscape forum, thanks SeZo.

Easiest system wide method (for Peppermint, and any other Ubuntu based distro … though obviously the file manager command may need adjusting)


gksudo nemo /usr/share/fonts

in the resulting window if there isn’t already a truetype directory, create one … then enter it.

copy your font into that folder

Okay that’s the font in the right place, you now just have to make the system aware of it … so open a terminal and run:

sudo fc-cache -fv

the font should now be available to all apps … except ones that were already open which will need to be closed/reopened

The other option (user specific) is to put the font in the hidden .fonts folder in your home folder (if it doesn’t exist, create it) … and then run:

sudo fc-cache -fv

As long as the font is in either
or a subdirectory of those two directories

and you update the font cache with

sudo fc-cache -fv

the fonts will become available

Thanks Mark,
I will do this later.

take care
Don W

Thanks Mark your suggestions worked a treat. :wink:
When I ran ’ sudo fc-cache -fv’ it took a while to respond, no it didn’t, it responded but it took a while to appear on screen, I thought it had crashed. But all was well it just to a little while to react.

take care
Don W

No problem :slight_smile: