Installing Linux on an Acer Aspire 5735

Hi Guys

I never expected this but I’ve had quite a few people asking me about Linux due to the XP thing

Anyway one of them has asked me to help him he has an Acer Aspire 5735 Z to be honest I’m not really too keen but has anyone had any experience running Linux on this laptop and is there any problems I’m likely to come across ?

Many thanks


I had a mooch out of interest . . . . . seems it should be fine… :slight_smile:

Hi Dave

Thanks for that it’s something I should have done myself, I think I’m getting lazy in my old age.

Judging from your link it’s looking good

Many thanks


My daughter has 5732z and it works brilliantly with LMDE. No probs what so ever.
I do not know what is the difference between the 5735z and 5732z though.

Hi SeZo

Judging from the link Dave posted it looks good,

Thanks for your input I feel a little more confident now :slight_smile: