installing Open Office (solved)

Hi, I’m wanting to install Open Office. I’ve downloaded the right file package but can’t get any furthur, the tutorial on the Apache website for installing onto Mint hasn’t worked. Can you help?

Googled: Linux Mint install OpenOffice

Is there any reason you particularly want OpenOffice instead of LibreOffice (which is the more up to date fork of OpenOffice) ?

If not, install LibreOffice instead (it’s better anyway) … to do so, open a terminal and run:

sudo apt-get install libreoffice

Done :slight_smile:

More info on LibreOffice here:


Thanks both,
I think I need to clarify that I’m trying to install on Peppermint 7. Also (having now installed LibreCad using package(?) manager) that I discovered I already have LibreOffice installed. The link you kindly provided says this should be uninstalled first, wasn’t done as I didn’t know at the time I had it already. I wanted to install Open office as that’s what I am used to & all my doc’s & speadsheets are on it & I’ve never heard of Libreoffice. I’ll Investigate what libreoffice website says. I’ll have to get rid of things and start fresh anyway as the libreoffice I have gives error messages when I try to open it. I’ll let you know how I get on. Thanks for the help.

ALL OpenOffice documents will work in LibreOffice … they both save in the same formats.

Let me explain … a few years ago OpenOffice was bought from Sun by Oracle, the developers didn’t get on with the Oracle management so they left and started a new company making LibreOffice.

LibreOffice was the same code as OpenOffice and by the same team … because Sun had made OpenOffice open source, the development team were free to take the OpenOffice code with them and then continue to develop it under a different name.

OpenOffice, now with no developers fell behind in development so much so that Oracle gave it to Apache … but it’s still behind LibreOffice.

When you consider LibreOffice has pretty much all the original OpenOffice developers working on it, and OpenOffice now doesn’t … it could be considered that LibreOffice is now more “OpenOffice” than OpenOffice is but they’re still pretty similar except for the fact that LibreOffice receives more updates.

OpenOffice is pretty much dead … which is why pretty much ALL Linux distros now use LibreOffice.

If you’re used to OpenOffice, you should feel right at home in LibreOffice.

What error do you get when you try to open LibreOffice ?

and what is returned in the terminal if you run:



libreoffice --writer


libreoffice --calc


libreoffice --impress


libreoffice --base


libreoffice --draw


libreoffice --math

Thanks everyone. I’ve looked at the libreoffice site & with Mark’s summary I’ve decided to give it go. i deleted the Openoffice download & then couldn’t find Libreoffice anymore so i can’t answer your questions Mark. I’ve reinstalled Libreoffice using the package manager - in now opens without hitch. I even managed to put the icon on the desk top, oh big boy now - long trousers next :slight_smile:

LOL :slight_smile: … Glad LibreOffice is now working for you.

Oh dear - short pants back on - do you mark this solve or do I ? & if so how? Couldn’t find anything about it with a search.

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