Installing Peppermint 5 on a Novatech build (SOLVED)

I have installed Windows 7 and Peppermint 5 on a Novatech computer. (The specs are in my signature).
I want to remove Win 7 and just use Peppermint. Where do I start with this ? I have a USB stick with Pep5 on it.

Don W

If you’ve only just installed Peppermint so haven’t customised it yet … by far the easiest way would just be to reinstall Peppermint, but this time tell it to use the entire hard drive

Choosing “Replace” at this screen:

should wipe the entire drive, then install Peppermint using the whole drive.

Thanks Mark,
I will do as you suggest.
Don W

Hi Mark,
Successfully completed thank you.
I will load the printer now.

Don W
I have loaded the printer successfully ;D

I have un-ticked the touchpad box and I can type this without letters being spread all over the place.
I guess I am too heavy handed at the keyboard :wink:

Don W