Installing programs in Ubuntu

OK, new to ubuntu and not sure how installing using terminal works. so I want to install remote desktop software on my laptop/PC so I can fiddle about and understand it more. Im trying to install RealVNC because this is one i have to review for my college course. On the site the download gives you 3 options/ways of installing/downloading. GZipped Tarfile (7.9M) , Debian Package (7.8M) or RPM (7.8M). They do provide installation guides but i’m a little confused…also which one is best or doesn’t it matter? and which one is easiest/most useful for future installation purposes.

I hope this makes sense xD any help would be greatly appreciated =)

EDIT : ok so it doesn’t matter too much because i can use the one already on ubuntu with the one on the windows PC. however still wouldn’t mind knowing how to install things using terminal =) and what the difference between the above 3 things are.

also, trying to connect to the windows PC and its telling me
'Connection test failed.

VNC Server appears to be behind a NAT router with IP address You will need to configure that router to forward port 5900 to this computer before you can connect to VNC Server over the Internet.’

I know this is probably all REALLY simple stuff but i am a simpleton =) learning!

again any help would be great!

In simple terms,

GZipped Tarfile = just an archived compressed file.

Debian file = .debian package manager file.

Usually you’d want a .deb / .tarxx for Ubuntu. .RPM files are for Fedora (I think) and other fedora based package mangers.

In terminal you can use:

sudo apt-get install <nameofapplication>

to get software if it’s in the repositories.

EDIT: See below for the VNC thing. I’ve been trying to connect to VNC in Win7 for a couple of weeks now and still no luck. Win7 isn’t like Vista or previous Windows versions :frowning:

cheers, yeah i’ve just about given up on it the windoze PC is NOT making my life very easy lol nevermind, give it another crack tomorrow going to do something more enjoyable with my time!

RPM = Redhat Package Manager … ie. these files are for Redhat based distro’s such a s Fedora etc … NOT for Debian based systems such as Ubuntu.

DEB = Debain package … will install in Debian and it derivatives such as Ubuntu by just double clicking.

tar.gx or tar.bz2 etc. = usually an archive of the source code for the applications.

Your first port of call should ALWAYS be the package managers (in Ubuntu - Synaptic or the Ubuntu software Centre)

In Ubuntu, steer clear of RPM’s

And source code unless you know how to compile an application and how to resolve any dependency issues that might arise.

Command line installation using apt-get is doing the same thing as Synaptic … just from the command line instead … ie. both use dpkg to download, install, and resolve dependencies automatically.

The “NAT Router” message is telling you that you need to log into the routers interface and forward calls to port 5900 (TCP) to the IP address of the PC that’s running the VNC server.

Clear as mud ?

i tried to open the ports, it doesn’t seem to have worked. also i couldn’t even ping the IP address (of the windows from the ubuntu) so i turned of windows fire wall, then i could ping it but i still cant connect to it through VPN even though i opened the port and turned off the firewall…so, i gave up im writing about CLI/GUI operating systems. oh so fun =)

thanks for the clearing up of the different downloads though i was like EH!

Bit busy ATM, but we can take a crack it it later if you want

Which version of Windows ?

And make/model of your router ?

yeah sure if you have time like, still pretty warm btw and i managed to use an actual table instead of my knee and a book today … lol

its windows Vista Home premium and the router is technicolor TG582n