Integral sd slot not recognised.

My Samsung NC10 has an integral sd card slot. I have just inserted an sd card and it is not showing. Any ideas?

Samsung NC10
Ubuntu 10.04 (The best :wink: )

Yes it’s that time again! :-[
Time to answer my own question. Regular members will of course be aware of this. :-[

There is a piece of broken plastic stuck in the slot. I have now removed it and now can read it. :slight_smile:

I would like to point out to new members that although Linux is good, it isn’t proof against stuffing bits of plastic into SD card slots… indeed in this respect Windows is probably better because with a Windows PC when hardware suddenly stopped working it would be more likely to be returned to the shop, and give the tech’s a good laugh :wink:

Sorry Toonman… I couldn’t resist :wink:

I asked for that one! :wink:

Lol xD Mark’s on a roll.