Invisible Firefox workspaces [SOLVED]

I am running Peppermint 3 on a Dell Latitude D505.
I made the mistake of right-clicking on an application tab and selecting “Move to Workspace (3)” and the Radio 4 iPlayer disappeared whilst still playing.
I have tried all the Firefox tools, preferences and tutorials that I can find and browsed forums, including this one, but can’t find any way of displaying workspaces.
I expect Radio4 will stop playing if I reboot, but I would still like to know how to access those pesky spaces. Can anyone advise me?


I don’t think it’s anything to do with Firefox, it’s probably the Peppermint multiple desktops.

Either use the workspace switcher (aka. Desktop pager) panel applet

or Ctrl+Alt+(left or right arrow key)

That’s the solution! I didn’t think of looking in a Peppermint tutorial.
Many thanks, Mark.

A while back I had the desktop set to switch workspace when I drag something to the edge of screen … and I’d forgot about it.

Confused the hell outa me for a minute or two when I accidentally moved a window and everything else appeared to have closed :o
(as you’ve no doubt guessed … I don’t use multiple workspaces that often)

No, I doubt that I, too, would have much need to separate several groups of applications into workspaces, but then I don’t work hard enough to warrant it.
BTW; where is the Desktop Pager panel applet? There’s nothing in the bottom panel.

I am finding quite a few interesting facilities in Peppermint and ought, perhaps, to browse the online User Guide to get the best out of it. Actually, having tried one mint flavour I might explore another, if you can recommend a non-PAE distro. I am using Peppermint on a spare laptop so don’t care if I screw up an installation.


where is the Desktop Pager panel applet?

Right click on the panel select panel settings> Panel applets if you don’t see “Desktop Pager” listed click “Add” highlight Desktop Pager or WNCKPager from the list then click “ADD”

This will place workspace icons on your panel

Hope this helps


Worked like a charm! And found some more to play with.

Thank you, Graeme.

You’re welcome Keith :slight_smile:

Non-PAE and light … either stick with Peppermint and get Peppermint 3 (which oddly will be supported longer than Peppermint 4)

or maybe … WattOS 7 (which I gather is non-pae … but I don’t think WattOS 7.5 is)

or for something completely different … maybe Bodhi (who do a non-pae version)

If you’re of a mind to distro hop I would say Bodhi would definitely be one to try if for no other reason than because it’s so different from the rest with it’s Enlightenment desktop, it takes a bit of getting used to I gave it a try on a spare HDD on my desktop before but decided it wasn’t for me but to be fair I probably didn’t give it a fair shot besides I also think it’s a distro best suited for a laptop


Thank you, gentlemen.
I am running Peppermint 3 on the laptop already and am encouraged that it is to be supported for a reasonable time.
Bohdi looks like a fun OS to try, and I think I’ll use Graeme’s idea of using a spare disc drive as it would save a lot of messing about. I have a lot on at the moment but no doubt you shall find me begging for help when I get around to trying it out!

My thanks again.