Anybody have a way of getting iplayer working on Linux? Currently using Vista laptop with vga lead to television.
Peppermint 4, various laptops

if you mean BBC iplayer you can run it through XBMC which has an iplayer plugin, I have BBC iplayer running through an old softmodded XBox onto my TV and it works perfectly although there may be an easier way but that’s the only way I know of

Good luck


I don’t watch TV much on a PC, so have never really bothered with iPlayer, SkyGo, Netflix and the like, so bear with me…

I’m not understanding what the problem is here … I can watch stuff from the BBC site


By just visiting it in Firefox.

So what do you need the iPlayer for ?

So what do you need the iPlayer for ?


If I’m understanding him right he wants to watch it on his TV


But if he’s currently using a Vista laptop via VGA lead … what’s to stop him doing the same in Linux ?

As Mark said, iPlayer works through Firefox (in my case on SolydX). No hassle there.
Connect to TV and just make it fullscreen.

Sorry fir the delay in replying. More info…

I use mobile tethering and WiFi so although mine is good it isn’t sometimes as fast as cable. So, I download the series in total via the iPlayer download and watch through iPlayer. I just wondered if it was usable with Linux as my Vista laptop has a broken power supply?
Thanks again.

In regards to playback of iplayer down loads it will depend on the player software and the formate of the download.

There’s a command line solution that allows you to download iPlayer content…

Add this PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jon-hedgerows/get-iplayer

then install get-iplayer:

sudo apt-get install get-iplayer

Then see this tutorial for how to use get_iplayer

I’ve just tested it in Peppermint 4 and it works :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

However you access iplayer if you download the files you need a player that handles Windows media files.

If I’m correct, get_iplayer dow2nloads them as flv, then converts them to mp4 … so VLC will do fine.

Hell you can even stop the conversion as it’ll play the flv’s directly.

Not as far as I’m aware. They have a form of DRM encryption. If I am correct. :-\

So what exactly aren’t you supposed to be able to do ?

I sat here and watched get_iplayer download the last round of MotoGP as an FLV … it then started to convert the file, but I stopped the conversion, and ended up with an FLV that was watchable in VLC … so colour me confused :o

I figure if get_iplayer can convert it … anything can ???

Fair enough Mark.

I am just saying as I have read. For I instance I downloaded the series of PeakyBlinders and it gave me only 3 weeks to watch it with the iplayer program.

This is correct the down loads directly from the iPlayer site have a DRM that only allows you to playback the program on the computer it is down loaded on. This is coupled with a 30 day time limit.

The iplayer files for ipad are much smaller then the windows media files so may not produce good quality images on a wide-screen TV…

There seems to be another issue as I went to iPlayer to download a program (have not done so for some months) and you are now required to download software from the BBC to download and it is only available for Win or Mac…

Are you saying in Windows ? … or that the files downloaded by get_iplayer in Linux ?


Have you tried get_iplayer in Linux yet ?

I haven’t tried it yet Mark. So busy. I will as soon as I get 5 minutes.

Hmmm. Command line thingy. :frowning: gave that up with MS Dos. :wink:

OK downloading now. Got this though.

WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn’t connect to: /run/user/a/keyring-vPDYz1/pkcs11: No such file or directory

Still it is downloading. And how do I stop a download? This one is ‘War and Peace’?

I’ll be back in 6 hours. :wink: